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To buy the cargo water-jet boat

The boat shallow-draft with the water-jet propeller, forward load box, the steering cabin over motor compartment, fodder open cockpit, the fodder platform.

Critical parameters of the boat Obstanovshchik


  • Full load &9327; 25 km/h;
  • Without freight &9327; 30 km/h;

Loading capacity is 2.3 t.

Crew 1 person


  • Length &9327; 13,12 m;
  • Width  &9327; 3,2 m;
  • Height  &9327; 3,3 m;

Guarantee 2 years

Price and delivery

The cost of the boat &9337;Obstanovshchik&9338;, and also you can learn delivery options from phone number: 7 8462 638756 manager of the sales department

The cargo room on the boat occupies case compartment ot5 to 14 frames and has the awning closing from waterproof fabric leaning on arches from steel tubes. Around 14-19 frames the office cabin with one berth for the attendant freight is located. Berth for the captain-mechanic – sofa in the cabin on the right board.
On deck stringer from the inside around 3-14 frames the coaming of load box 450 mm high from leaf 2 mm thick with planshiry of the bent square of 50х40х3 mm and brackets 2 mm thick on each frame is established.
 Cross partitions of the case are executed on 3-5 frames (forepeak partition), on 14 and 19 frames. Nasal partition from the bottom up to the height of 830 mm from OP on 5 шп. has thickness of 2.5 mm with vertical reinforcement ribs from the square of 32х20х3 mm; partition on 3 шп. it is higher than 830 mm from OP as well as its horizontal site between 3 and 5 frames, are executed from leaf 2 mm thick with reinforcement ribs from the square of 25х24х3 mm.
Cross partitions on 14 and 19 frames are executed from leaf 2.5 mm thick with vertical reinforcement ribs from the square of 32х20х3 mm, the shelf and two kontroforsa from bent cross-section of 70х30х3 mm.
The superstructure and the cabin of riveted design, are executed from sheets of alloy 1561 with a thickness of 1.5 mm; superstructure board (continuation in stern of coaming of load box) and false board with longitudinal reinforcement ribs from uglobulb 20х15х1.5 and frames from bent channel of 45х18х1.5 mm;
In nasal part on both boards around-1-14 frames the stationary guard railing from steel tube with a diameter of 25 mm 700 mm high with gap in DP 600 mm wide for pass from nose (in situation in a marching way the campaign is closed by the hoisted nasal ladder) is established.
Hand-rail are provided on boards of the cabin and on планширю cockpit false boards from tube with a diameter of 25 mm. The guard railing and hand-rail are used for pass of crew to nasal part of the boat on the potopchena in the absence of the course.
Sewing of boards of office cabin and the cabin is executed on the wooden obreshetnik soaked with the anti-septic tank and fire-retarding agent, panels from fiber board 4 m thick covered with vinyl artificial leather of light tones on foam rubber underlayer, sewing of podvolok – the same panels with vinyl artificial leather of white color. Carried floor in cabin – the bakelized plywood 10 mm thick covered with carpet; the deck of the cabin, ladder and surfaces of banquette are covered with carpet.


Displacement full – 10 tons;

Water-cannon 100D.201.000A

Power is 125 (170) hp.

Dimensions for transportation on the trailer;

Smooth start;

Guarantee 2 years.

The engine – diesel YaMZ-238GM2;

Course range without refueling up to 560 km;

Service program;

High maintainability;

Capacity of fuel tanks is 2х270 l;

To buy the boat

Sewing of toilet is executed on wooden obreshetnik by polyvinyl chloride plate (siding) inside, floor is covered with ceramic tile on the cement base.
Height of rooms from flooring to rigging ceiling:
in office cabin of-1950 mm,
in the cabin – 1900 mm,
over banquette – 1500 mm;
in toilet – about 1850 mm.
The office cabin is equipped with sofa on the right board, case for clothes and bedside table.
The toilet is equipped:
figurative dry closet,
sink for washing of hands,
mirror with shelf for toilet accessories.
The cockpit is equipped with sofas on the right and/or left boards (upon the demand of the customer).

Как мы изготавливаем катера


We can change characteristics of the boat depending on requirements of the customer. We deliver boats to the customer in any point of Russia and the world. We carry out delivery of our products convenient mode automobile or by rail.

There were questions? Call!

Now production capacities provide release to 100 vessels a year.


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Overall length (with the fodder platform), m 13.12
Case length the greatest, m 12.22
Length settlement on KVL, m 11.12
Width is the greatest, m 3.20
Width settlement on KVL, m 2.88
Board height on midship section, m 1.50
Draft settlement on midship section, m 0.50
Height dimensional (without mast), m 3.32
Displacement empty, t 6.95
Displacement is full, t 10.00
Passenger capacity, people 1
Loading capacity, t 2.30
Crew (captain-mechanic), people 1
Speed is maximum, km/h up to 25
Capacity of fuel tanks, l 2х270
Capacity of tank of drinking water, l 120
The engine – diesel YaMZ-238GM2
Power, kW (hp) 125(170)
Propeller water-cannon 100D.201.000A