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High-speed passenger ship "Altair"

The project of a high-speed passenger ship on rigid skegs “Phoenix”, developed by our company, is an alternative to the replacement of a passenger ship of the “Luch” type.

Passenger ship "Altair"

There is interest in these craft in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District and other regions of Russia with a developed river system.

Speed is 40 km/h

Capacity is 55 people

Guarantee 2 years


Length &9327; 14,3 m;
Width &9327; 7,0 m;
Height &9327; 4,8 m;

Price and delivery

The cost of the high-speed passenger ship on the airbag Altair, and also you can learn delivery options from phone number: +7 8462 638756 manager of the sales department


Product image
Specification                                   Value
Ship class according to the rules of the Russian River Register *Р2,0/1,5
Draft of the vessel (on a cushion) no more than 0,3 m.
Draft of the vessel in the displacement mode, not more than 0,6 m.
Cruising range at a speed of 40 km / h in full load not less than 400 km.
Passenger capacity 55 passengers
Crew number 4 persons
Autonomy cruising on sewage, garbage and oily waters 14 hours
Climatic conditions of operation from -10 to +35 ˚C
SOF, radio and navigation According to RRR requirements
Engines Diesel MAN &9327; 2 pcs.